Best Themes For Your Garage Floors

Posted by on Sep 25, 2018 in Floors

Thinking about redesigning and giving your garage floors a bit of theme? Well, before you go looking for Garage epoxy flooring in Melbourne, you should decide on what type of theme you want for them. Thankfully, we did some research for you and have found five of the most popular theme for garage floors in Melbourne. Here is what our results showed us:


  • Solid Colour
    Sometimes a nice solid colour can go a long way. You just have to find the colour that is going to work well with your garage and that can do you wonders in the long run. Keeping it simple and can sometimes make the hugest difference to your garage’s overall theme.
  • Sports Logo
    Lover of sports? Well, then get your favourite team’s slogan, or image, plastered on the floor. It will add a personal connection to something you truly and will brighten up your garage tenfold. It will also work wonders as it showcases who you are.
  • A Photo Of Your Loved Ones
    Thanks to the advancement of technology, you can actually get photos of your people plastered on the garage floor. If they can do sports logos and business logos (more on that below), then a photo of loved ones is possible. If you have the right photo and want to make it super personal, then having a photo theme can work for you.
  • Your Business Logo (if you have one)
    Now is a good way to combine both your work life and your home life together. Get the logo of your business plastered on the floor of your garage so when people walk in they will see that you are all connected together. It works wonderfully as brand promotion, plus shows you who you are as a person.
  • Patterns That Match Your Home
    Despite your garage being considered “another” part of your home, you can always keep up the same decor throughout it. This will ensure that your home has a consistent and steady pattern throughout it. Matching your garage floors with the rest of your home can do just that.

We hope that these ideas inspired you when it comes to your garage floors. If you would like more information, or if you need an expert’s opinion, then look towards Allgrind, the best in epoxy floors and the leading Concrete floor polisher in Melbourne. Reach out and contact them for more information today about their services.