Tips For Electrical Maintenance For Safety

Posted by on Sep 29, 2014 in Uncategorized

Electronic equipments require a lot of caution while handling them. All these gadgets require stern concentration to ensure safety. If these electrical equipments are handled with intrusion, then there are chances of contretemps like electric shock and any other major fire hazard. Whenever we are deployed with any electrical equipment we should ensure it in advance that the place is clean and no traces of water are found nearby.  We can prevent deaths and unusual casualties by taking certain precautions when dealing with electrical equipments.

  •         Unsoiled and unblemished electrical sockets

It should be well ensured that the electrical sockets are free from debris and dust, because these can also cause overheating and off late gives rise to short circuit. We should also keep in mind that cleaning electrical sockets with water can be fatal, and power should be cut when cleaning acts are own.

  •         Compatibility of outlets

We should be well aware of the power usage of the appliances and provide current supply according to the need of the equipment. Adhering to the exact power needs will reduce the chances of an electric mishap. We should install a heavy duty outlet for larger machines with a higher power voltage. We should also avoid overloading electrical sockets.

  •         Scrutiny and maintenance

When we visually inspect wires, cables, electrical sockets and other connections we are then able to find the exact fault which prevents it to work flawlessly. We should inspect these devices on regular basis and ensure that is no collected dust in these electric equipments. We should immediately replace them or repair them. Whenever we go for inspection we should use an inspection mirror which has a plastic or fiber handle. We should fortify that the electrical equipments are completely de energized before getting physically in contact with them.

  •         Emergency contact numbers

In case of any exigency, we should have access to emergency contacts. These contact numbers should be displayed at an appropriate place for quick access. These emergency numbers should append contact details of water, electrical companies and also those of fire brigades.

  •         Proper clothing

We should always unfasten anything metallic while dealing with electrical equipments. We should ensure removing of metallic belts, shoes, pens, coins or other accessories while accessing these equipments. We should avoid wearing loose fitted clothes. We should always safeguard us with wooden objects while handling these equipments. We should wear hard hats and gloves.

  •         Covering the cracks

The plastic coating of these electrical outlets often get cracks and clefts with usage of time or due to weather harshness if these are placed outside. Timely coverage of the sockets is necessary to ensure safety. We should timely replace the exposed wires with coated fresh wires to devoid any further hazard.

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